Willows Yard

Project Description

This project consists of the construction of a five storey block of 21 flats all for affordable rent. The block consists of a four storey concrete frame with Metsec infill and brick cladding and a lightweight top storey with aluminium cladding. On of the issues on the site is the proximity of an electrical substation requiring excavation around high voltage cables and negotiation of party wall awards.

During the detailed design process it became clear that the planning permission, that had been obtained prior to the purchase by Origin, could not be built as the elevations were not consistent with the plans and the true building would be higher than shown. At first it looked like the client would have to sacrifice a complete storey. SDB worked with Origin and the architects it had introduced to redesign the building and obtain a revised planning permission. This was achieved with the loss of just one flat from the original, unbuildable, scheme.

Project Details

  • ADDRESSWillows Yard, Rucklidge Avenue,  London, NW10 4PX
  • CLIENTOrigin Housing
  • ARCHITECTMonahan Blythen Hopkins Architects 
  • ENGINEERSEllis & Moore Structural Engineers
  • CLIENT REPRESENTATIVERobert Lambardelli Partnership Ltd
  • COMPLETION DATE25/06/2016