Macintosh Lane

Project Description

This development in Homerton consists of a total of 33 flats in 2 five storey blocks, 7 three storey houses and 4 light industrial units. It included private balconies for most of the flats, a communal garden, and limited parking. The flats were shared ownership, the houses general needs and the light industrial units leasehold.

The scheme was constructed using deep strip concrete foundations and a beam and block ground floor. The 15 flats’ superstructure was in timber frame and the houses were of modular construction, with 21 units delivered from Sheffield. Apart from the tight and constrained nature of the site, the main construction challenges were the 5 storey timber frame flats of height only rarely undertaken in timber frame, and the use of fully fitted out modular units for the houses.

Although the planning process was a protracted one, we achieved a significantly increased density on the site, which was brought to Servite Houses by Sandwood. The scheme was also featured in the Housing Corporation “Homes for London” brochure.

Project Details

  • ADDRESS1-7 Mackintosh Lane, London, E9
  • CLIENTServite Houses
  • ARCHITECTRGP Architects
  • ENGINEERSEllis & Moore Consulting Engineers
  • M&E CONSULTANTSTurner Wright & Partners
  • COMPLETION DATENovember 2006