The Nokes – Handover

The Nokes – Handover

SDB is pleased to announce the completion of its first PassivHaus accredited scheme at The Nokes in Hemel Hempstead.

This was our first project for Dacorum Council and also our first project for the architects Chambers Goodwin & Partners.

It consists of a block of nine flats on three floors plus roof level plant room. It consists of a single skin block work structure covered in insulated render with a top floor plant room. The heating and ventilation system consists of a MVHR system supplemented by a small gas boiler with hot water provided by a central storage system fed by solar panels on the roof supplemented by a second larger gas boiler.

Although the number of PassivHaus schemes in the UK is increasing a number of them, in the social housing sector in particular, have proved difficult with the lack of suitable skills and experience being a major problem.

On this project the project benefited from the extent of the research undertaken by the architects ensuring that the scheme was designed to PassivHaus standards from the start not adapted at a later stage. SDB relied heavily on its own labour throughout that had gained experience on other SDB low energy buildings and through their involvement in the TSB Retrofit for the Future project at Hawthorn Road in Haringey.

The Air Tightness results on the project were exceptional comfortably exceeding the Passivhaus requirements and representing one of the best results achieved in the UK.

The company is already working on its second Passivhaus scheme and has been short listed for a further scheme for Lambeth Council due to start shortly.

  • On June 7, 2015