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Sandwood provides a full range of services to its clients. This includes finding sites, feasibility studies, value engineering, tendering and negotiating, constructing teams, construction and post contract support. We can advise on a number of areas including planning, sustainability, scheme development standards, sound and air tightness, as well as design, cost and buildability.


Every organisation can list its values on its website or brochure, but it does not make them part of the company’s ethos. Values cannot be dictated by a senior management team, or drawn up by a consultant. They must be evident in the way the company’s employees and managers act on a day to day basis.


Underpinning much of what we try to do is our commitment to a directly employed labour force at both site management and trade level, and the extent to which they are consulted and involved in the company. We have an excellent highly skilled workforce which takes pride in its ability to produce a high quality product.

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Management Expertise

The vast bulk of our work is Design and Build, so the team we have to manage under the contract includes architects and other consultants, as well as our employees and other subcontractors. We are used to establishing good relationships with them to resolve the usual problems of providing good design within tight and unyielding budgets.

Quality Building Work

Quality is not only important in terms of the product offered to clients but it provides job satisfaction and a focus for everyone within the company. It is a fundamental Sandwood belief that everyone wants to produce their best and will do so given the right environment and encouragement.

Construction Experience

We prefer to be involved in a project from the outset. This helps us build a team from the beginning, allows us to understand the design, and advise on practical buildability issues. We do not charge any pre-contract fees, even though our involvement with some projects can extend over several years.


Sandwood is proud of the variety of projects it has constructed, primarily for social housing clients.

Brent Street


Kilburn Square


Rock Close


273 Camden Road


Morton Road


Bedfont Lane


Akerman Road


Adelaide Wharf & Gordon Road


Willows Yard


Triangle Place


The Nokes


Griddles Public House


John Fisher Street


Springdale Road


Laurence Mews


Hoylake Road


Carlyle Road


Pollard Street


Boxtree Lane


Tower Hamlets


Chiswick War Memorial Homes


Brookfield Gardens


Florida Street


Portland Place


Ruckholt Road


Long Elmes


430 Merton Road


Tulse Hill


Homer Road


Milborne Street


Rossiter Grove


Hemstal Road


Spring Place


Shepherds Bush Road


Angela Carter Close


432-434 Merton Road


143-149 Merton Road


Pembury Place


Boatemah Walk


Macintosh Lane


Carlton Drive


Evelyn Road


Boxley Street


Allenby & Wincanton


Why Choose Us

We are a relatively small company for the size and type of contracts we undertake, which enables us to give greater senior management attention to each one. Of the four senior managers, two are generally allocated to each project at the outset and will see it through to the end – no marketing department at the beginning and no claims department at the end. Our business strategy is to work with a small number of repeat clients and this gives the company a clear client focus and a non adversarial partnering approach.

Most construction companies do not follow our model of direct employment, preferring subcontractors, agency staff and the self employed. There is without doubt a cost implication to our approach because of the Tax and National Insurance system. We believe we offset the cost disadvantage through higher quality, greater productivity and reduced waste, but we have to work hard to be more efficient than our competitors in the industry.

We consider all our employees members of our quality management team, and believe the key to quality is a committed, employed labour force and experienced, motivated subcontractors. Our subcontractors are subject to formal review by our site managers as well as senior management, which enables the results of quality monitoring to be fed back into future jobs. Our employees believe they are the best. They hate their work being considered defective.

Who we are


Award winning design and build contractor

We specialise in Social Housing and have done so for nearly 15 years. This has enabled us to build up a level of knowledge and expertise in one sector, rather than a superficial understanding of many. Specialisation has advantages in the advice and assistance we can provide to our clients. We bring years of Social Housing construction experience to the process, both in the office and on site, from Scheme Development Standards, to low cost methods of achieving EcoHomes or code credits.

We have gained a wealth of experience in a variety of methods of construction, including timber and concrete frame, masonry and steel constructions, alongside off-site manufacturing, pre-fabricated elements and PassivHaus construction.

Our Clients

Dacorum Council
Ealing Council
London & Quadrant Housing Trust
Lambeth Council
Metropolitan Housing Trust
Network Housing Group
Notting Hill Housing
Octavia Housing
One Housing Group
Origin Group
Westminster Community Homes
Peabody Estate
Shepherds Bush Housing Association
Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation